Before I started working on more advanced projects, I never realized how important public speaking is to UX. I never thought of myself as a good or bad public speaker just kind of a “blah” one. But that’s not how I wanted to enter my new career. I wanted to…

NOTE: The following is a case study for General Assembly

Organization: General Assembly
Team: Kristine Huynh, Melanie Schultz, Peter Glanting
Tools: Figma, Google Drive
Time Frame: 2-Week Sprint
My Role: UX/UI Designer

Indulge us for a moment with a thought exercise: Think about all the training that astronauts underwent for…

Illustrations: Peter Glanting

And its most fascinating destinations

Peter Glanting

UX/UI Designer, Cartoonist, Illustrator. Websites-, , Instagram-@peterglanting

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