Before I started working on more advanced projects, I never realized how important public speaking is to UX. I never thought of myself as a good or bad public speaker just kind of a “blah” one. But that’s not how I wanted to enter my new career. I wanted to enter with gusto. So as part of my UX training, I endeavored to become a better speaker. Here’s what I did.

1.Have a Conceit

I started every presentation with a hook that was usually likening the subject matter of my presentation to something more known or sensational. Aside from grabbing…

NOTE: The following is a case study for General Assembly

Organization: General Assembly
Team: Kristine Huynh, Melanie Schultz, Peter Glanting
Tools: Figma, Google Drive
Time Frame: 2-Week Sprint
My Role: UX/UI Designer

Indulge us for a moment with a thought exercise: Think about all the training that astronauts underwent for the first moon landing. Think about all the months, years, of rigorous physical, mental, and emotional preparedness.

Now imagine that those astronauts went through no training. Imagine that NASA officials just shoved the astronauts into ill-fitting space suits, threw them in a space shuttle, and blasted them off to the…

Illustrations: Peter Glanting

And its most fascinating destinations

Peter Glanting

UX/UI Designer, Cartoonist, Illustrator. Websites-, , Instagram-@peterglanting

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